Young Jeezy Encourages Celebs To Get Active In Ferguson Protests

Jeezy was one of, if not the first celeb to hit ground zero and encourages others to get involved it what is the civil rights movement of our era...


Hands Up Don’t Shoot! teams up with "Wake Up, God Dammit!" All Power To The Positive! and on the soundtrack for the movement!


They plan their work and work their plan. Adjust as needed. Repeat. In this case, these chasers aspire to a career in the Hip Hop music game.


The Return of the Boombap teams up with platform for aficionados of the golden era to introduce fans to the next generation of boom bap!


Perform at Mic ✓ Mondays

You haven't done the midwest until you blessed the stage at Mic ✓ Mondays. Featured artists include Twista, Shawnna & more!


Licensed to Ill | @JBlittzz

JBlittzz isn't your average rapper. A skilled musician, his passion transcends lyrics and delivery. We had a chance to catch up with this New York based artist to talk about being a musician, his love for classics and making the most out of second chances.


Sebastien Elkouby: Industry Critic, Consultant & Shit Talker #RapRehab #SebIsHipHop

Sebastien Elkouby has everyone from Billboard to Ebony to MSNBC talking about his no holds barred industry critiques.

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