This And Nothing Else: Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene (Opening)

Amid a decade that has seen an increase in crime and violence, Chicago is experiencing a cultural renaissance. People are utilizing the many facets of hip-hop culture as tools for change. This is the story of three of those people. Click here to watch full episode.


Soundcloud Will Exist Forever In Some Form: HowToRapDrew on The Future of Soundcloud Rappers

Question: “What is your opinion on the future of the online Soundcloud rappers?” Drew: Well, you know, there’s a lot of stories about Soundcloud either being bought out or dying out completely. ‘Cause that’s a company that’s lost money continuously… I don’t know if it’s ever made a profit. Now, […]


Who Is Rekkhan? | In the Studio With Hakeem

In this segment of “Who Is Rekkhan?” Empire’s music engineer, producer Rekkhan amps Hakeem into an energetic performance in the studio!


Anderson Paak Shares Music Industry Lessons For Aspiring Artists

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What Is Your Side Hustle? | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

Apparently, TIDAL announced their new video series, Side Hustle. This series includes the host, Adelle Platon. In one episode that features Just Blaze, a well-known producer, and his affiliate Luck Sarabhayavanija to talk about their new Ani Ramen House restaurants. Just Blaze declared on the necessity of giving the significant […]