The 8th by Hubbs (Produced by J. Sands)

Pittsburgh artist Hubbs delivers his 8th project, exclusively produced by fellow Pittsburgh emcee J. Sands, of Lone Catalysts. With 3.5 tracks, Hubbs gives us an ‘8th’ of substance, via his usual introspective and sharp lyricism. The 8th by…


Fugitup by Black Sheep Dres


Tay Dilla by Donte From Mood

Donte The Gr8 featuring Space Invadaz, Mood, CopyWrite, Aida Chakra, Aziza, NikoIs, K’Valentine, Piakhan, Crunch EX (Cincredibles), JSands, MainFlow, Speed Walton III, Aziza, Darryl Irby Please FOLLOW Donte’ the Gr8 Instagram: www.instagram…


Opportunities to Grown & Learn | Kam Ui Interview Part 1

In part 1 of our session actor/artist Kam Ui talks about “going through it”, moving outside his passion for example as a personal trainer and the opportunities that gives him to learn and grow. Unedited and unfiltered. My fav part of what w…


Maddi Madd speaks on Kanye’s ‘blasphemous’ statement that “slavery was a choice”

Given their history you KNOW Maddi Madd had a lot to say in response to Kanye West comment about slavery being a choice.