Soundcloud Will Exist Forever In Some Form: HowToRapDrew on The Future of Soundcloud Rappers

Question: “What is your opinion on the future of the online Soundcloud rappers?”

Drew: Well, you know, there’s a lot of stories about Soundcloud either being bought out or dying out completely.

‘Cause that’s a company that’s lost money continuously… I don’t know if it’s ever made a profit.

Now, I don’t know who’s paying for it or investing in it, I don’t know how that works… but it is an important piece of music culture now.

If you’re an up-and-coming artist, you need a Soundcloud. It’s synonymous at this point… everybody knows Soundcloud is.

It’s a business card. It’s a business card… and there are rappers that have blown up off of Soundcloud.

XXXTentacion, Lil’ Pump… a lot of these guys that are not exactly lyrically gifted, but they’ve got careers now. I mean, [they’ve got] albums on iTunes, they’ve blown up. These are household names.

So, I think, no matter what… there will be what Soundcloud is for people… there will be ‘that’ from now on.

Like, from now on, there will be a place where artist can post their music for free, etc.

People forget – Drake used Soundcloud for a couple years. “Back To Back”… the first place it was posted? Soundcloud. “0 To 100″… the first place it was posted? Soundcloud.

So, whatever ‘this’ is, whatever ‘that’ is… will be around. Will it be literally the Soundcloud platform? I don’t know.

But there needs to be that area, that space… hopefully the industry will invest, because they need to understand. It’s a good touch. It’s like YouTube is indispensable now… whatever the music industry equivalent of that is? Which I think Soundcloud has been that on and off… needs to stick around.”

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