Exclusive: U.S. Senate Introduces a Bill to Give Music Producers Federal Copyright Protections

After more than a decade of fighting, music producers and sound engineers may finally receive federal copyright protections under U.S Copyright Law.  And, legally-required payments.  Here’s what’s inside the Allocation for Music P…


Ireland Wants to Outlaw Scalping and the Resale of Tickets Above Face Value

Ireland’s anti-ticket touting legislation may become law. But does that mean the Irish won’t have to shell out more money to enjoy a concert? Scalpers and secondary black marketeers in Ireland be warned.  The government is now consider…


Surprise! Corporation for Public Broadcasting Will Lose 97% of Its Funding Under Trump’s Budget Plan

Mr. Trump wants to rid federal funding for the public media and arts. President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would lacerate federal funding for public media and arts. The 2019 budget would greatly cut the Corporation for Public Broadcastin…