What is happening is bigger than your release, bigger than the video you're pushing, bigger than clicks, views, downloads and streams.... all of which can be repackaged, rebranded and recycled... but we only get a handful of chances to mobilize and build. This is why it's important to use your voice, think beyond being a rapper or producer... or whatever it is you do. Don't be so naive to think what is happening won't impact you.

I already see the impact it's having on artists... money is tight. Reality is setting in when it comes to a lot of these streaming / download sites. You're not gonna get rich off them. You'll be lucky if you ever see a check. Traditional radio is dying. A lot of tastemakers don't have the same clout. New tastemakers are emerging. Fewer outlets push the culture. Even fewer outlets are receptive to older artists.

These are a few of the thing we are tackling... the solution? Building our own lanes. Expanding our presence worldwide. Increasing our reach. Creating mutually beneficial relationships. Keeping as much as possible in house.

It's bigger than promo. It's a movement.

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