unsignedhype.org began online in the early days of the internet and holds the distinction of being one of the first platforms dedicated to independents, a pioneer of mp3 technology launching on the old mp3.com the platform that introduced mp3 technology.

We secured one of the first digital distribution deals ever through Microsoft MSN Music… years before Itunes, Spotify or Tidal even existed.

unsignedhype.org is the first to fuse the culture, activism & technology… and one of a handful that provides one on one consulting, builds organic fanbases and educates artists. We are visionaries, we set trends.

Getting serviced is about more than soliciting a service, promo opportunity or launching a campaign. It is investing in industry for independents and leveling the playing field.

No more waiting to be discovered, for someone to put you on or being limited by invisible boundaries of your local scene. No more ‘winging it or trying make it without guidance.

Looking to build, create mutually beneficial relationships and a strategy for long term success join our movement, solicit services or hit us up for a consultation!

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