Artists, please keep in mind the prep work that goes into pushing you, your project or music... it takes time to identify your demographic, to coordinate with people/platforms we are soliciting adds or placements on your behalf. It takes time to schedule interviews and features... and plueeeese keep in mind it takes time to create a buzz for your interview or feature especially if you don't have an authentic, organic loyal following.

For the purpose of the point I'm making I would like to direct your attention to #5 of this random article I just googled...

****** #5 ******

"It might seem a bit early to start talking about press, but it’s not. PR takes time and effort to execute well.

Sadly, many artists believe that PR = blasting a press release out to the top 100+ music sites that they have Googled. This never works, because PR placements start with astute research."


The information is out there. Most serious artists understand the need for pr, but they don't have a clue how it works, the prep work involved or everything that goes into it... they budget for quick results instead of long term success which is why their campaigns fail.

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