Don’t call it a comeback, Canadian based Frost Gamble has been in the game for years… and like many other talented artists and producers before their time, is just getting the shine he deserves after years of grinding.
Frost started out as so many do, with a love for the culture… which he expressed through creating beats. Frost’s ear for remixing soulful samples soon became the main course for his production and soon caught the attention of a litany of underground and independent artists including Tone Chop, J-Ro from the Alcoholiks and Tahmell, the son of the legendary God MC Rakim, whose EP Frost produced, titled “The Gods Sons Sessions”.

Frost’s follow up “Hand Picked”, featured a who’s who of the underground including artists that helped define his signature sound along with Sadat X of Brand Nubian. The “Hand Picked” project is what Frost was cooking when he connected with and About 2 Blow Radio.

Bea talks about their first exchange and what stood out to her about Frost,

“When Frost and I first spoke, he had an idea of where he wanted to go… a realistic view of what “success” would look like, which made my job a lot easier. Most artists and producers don’t understand ‘the process’, they lack patience and they want success now. They want to go from A-Z without any clue of what it will take to get from B-Y. Sometimes its something tangible like a major deal… even when a deal is to an artist or producer’s disadvantage, sometimes its a little more complex as was Frost’s case. He wanted to create his own lane. I provided guidance, he trusted, was patient… and put in the work. The rest is history in the making”.

Today Frost Gamble is one of underground hip hop’s most sought after producers, producing for 22 Entertainment, production credits include (Tragedy Khadafi, Boldy James, Crooked I/Horseshoe Gang, Guilty Simpson, Royce Da 5’9 and more).

We had the pleasure of working with and watching Frost on his amazing journey.

He had all the pieces, we just helped him put them together.



  • Producer Frost Gamble talks about going from being homeless and on food stamps to escaping poverty…
    Producer Frost Gamble talks about going from being homeless and on food stamps to escaping poverty…