“Alexa, play About 2 Blow Radio”

Below are the commands for tuning into About 2 Blow Radio on Alexa “Alexa, play About 2 Blow Radio” “Alexa, open About 2 Blow Radio” “Alexa, start About 2 Blow Radio” Make sure you enable the skill on the device by saying: – ‘Alexa, enable skill’ – Alexa will respond […]


Rekkhan vs 21 Savage #MortalKombat11 #Rekkquiem

Mortal Kombat 11 trailer was introduced at the Game Awards. The trailer featured “Immortal” the official song by 21 Savage… Which prompted this response from diehard Mortal Kombat gamer FOX Empire actor/artist/producer Rekkhan, “You have to see this!! This is how you do it..!!. I saw the new Mortal Kombat […]


Oprah favorite DeNetria “Aretha” Champ goes viral!

Oprah Winfrey first introduced DeNetria “Aretha” Champ to the world on her Legends Ball, an ABC Television special. Now with the recent death of the beloved Queen of Soul, DeNetria Champ’s hit single “When God Get Through” is going viral and burning up the airwaves & social media as a […]


Producer Frost Gamble talks about going from being homeless and on food stamps to escaping poverty…

“In the early 90s, my life was a mess. Estranged from my family and homeless, I bounced from spot to spot barely getting by. When I applied for and received food stamps it was, honestly, AMAZING. I hadn’t enjoyed 3 square meals a day in what felt like forever… but […]


A Look at Frost Gamble & Tone Chop’s ONE debut on Itunes Top 100 Rap Albums Charts

@RT “Shout to everyone who never listened to Bea – just made everything work better for me!”– Frost Gamble Another amazing milestone in the career of producer Frost Gamble, who along with rapper Tone Chop proved indies could hold their own, as their album ONE surpassed the most generous expectations […]