Jay Z Makes Money Moves With Robinhood! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

In March 2017, Jay Z’s company Roc Nation released its brand-new business venture, Arrive. Arrive is created to assist other startup companies with advancing their business and contributing financial support via Arrive’s venture fund. On February 6th, Arrive declared that they have made a new investment in Robinhood. “We believe […]


Lino Bets On Blockchain To Take On YouTube! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

YouTube and Patreon have been heavily criticized lately by the media. With YouTube changing their ad-revenue rules regularly, how could unsigned/independent musicians receive money? One word: Lino.  Lino is a Silicon Valley-located company, and their operation depends on blockchain-based micro-cash. Lino is ready to challenge YouTube’s destructive rules against content […]


China Slaps Ban On Hip Hop Culture! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

Back in January, China’s state media governor and State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT) made a statement that involves the banning of hip-hop culture and people with tattoos from presenting on TV. This announcement caused a huge shock across the […]