YouTube & Ticketmaster Tag-Team Concerts! | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

YouTube has decided to do a partnership with Ticketmaster by selling concert tickets on their website. With YouTube having over 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users, this can absolutely help Ticketmaster. “At YouTube, we understand the importance of helping artists find ways to build deeper connections with their fans – the […]


How Often Are People Listening To Music? | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

According to Nielsen, Americans listen to music for over 32 hours, weekly. Last year, it was 26.6 hours. Due to technology, like cell phone devices, you can consume music anywhere and anytime.  The data shows that music is often played on smartphones.  While the average consumer uses 3.4 devices, consumers […]


Will Blockchain Really Save Music? | MUSIK !D TV NEWS

Ujo Music made an effort to put music on Blockchain another time. Nest HQ, a dance music site accompanied with Skrillex and his label OWSLA, has posted a short video called “Blockchain & the Music Industry”. The video is six and a half minutes long. Ujo Music joined Imogen Heap […]