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Rome talks GOOD Music [Rome Interview Part 1] #theWIRE

Caught up with Rome on the road with his youth group on their way to compete in DC. The artist/mentor/coach talks about evolving as an artist and working with Malik Yusef which lead to a deal with Good Music. And he pays it forward by sharing the advice Malik gave him about making music.

Apologize for the audio quality we had a bad connection.

Check his single “Why You Acting Like That?”

Follow Rome’s journey at @iamrome__

3X Grammy Nominee Raheem Devaughn talks about his love of hiphop, finding his own lane and innovating R&B with mixtapes

3X Grammy Nominee Raheem Devaughn talks about his love for hip hop, being the first r&b artists to embrace mixtapes, the benefit from finding his own lane online and making it work for him… from his phone.

@FriskyTheRapper talks about his early days…

On the day “The Frisky Experience” dropped, Frisky takes us back to the beginning and tells us how his love affair with hip hop began. About Frisky the Rapper Frisky’s music is a unique blend of rock n roll, hip hop, and comedy. Frisk…