Grand Opus Interview Part 1 | The Evolution of Cali Hip Hop #TheWIRE

Joc Scholar & Centric came through to promote their sophomore release “High Power” & self titled documentary and broke down the evolution of Cali hip hop, the different “sounds”, scenes & contributions of those who paved the way… Stream “High Power” Watch “High Power: A Documentary Short”: bringing viewers into […]


#Throwback Homeboy Sandman talks hip hop, BET and the impact of media [Audio]

Raw audio of B and Homeboy Sandman discussing hip hop, BET and mainstream media influencing the perception of hip hop and black people worldwide. A planet-hiphop.com / unsignedhype.org throwback #AudioSnapshot


Rome talks GOOD Music [Rome Interview Part 1] #theWIRE

Caught up with Rome on the road with his youth group on their way to compete in DC. The artist/mentor/coach talks about evolving as an artist and working with Malik Yusef which lead to a deal with Good Music. And he pays it forward by sharing the advice Malik gave […]