#theWIRE | Golf Coast Balla on the evolution of music: From 8 Tracks to mp3s

Southern Rap OG Gulf Coast Balla talks about living through and experiencing the music industry’s transition from 8-Tracks to cassettes to cds to mp3s and from analog to digital.


#theWIRE | How Tech Is Changing the Game | Raheem Devaughn

3X Grammy Nominee Raheem Devaughn talks about his love for hip hop, being the first r&b artists to embrace mixtapes, the benefit from finding his own lane online and making it work for him… all from his phone.


#theWIRE | Grand Opus Interview Part 1 | The Evolution of Cali Hip Hop

Joc Scholar & Centric came through to promote their sophomore release “High Power” & self titled documentary and broke down the evolution of Cali hip hop, the different “sounds”, scenes & contributions of those who paved the way… Stream “High Power” in our digital record pool Watch “High Power: A […]