#theWIRE | The Year of the Return | Gibrilville Interview Part 1

This is an interview I’ve been looking forward to for a while. It was originally scheduled for last month, but the logistics of conducting an interview with someone travelling through Africa, even with the ease and convenience of the internet is difficult coordinating time zones, the 6-7 hour time difference […]


#theWIRE | FOX Empire Actor/Artist @Rekkhan talks about his past, accepting accountability and being a role model

@EmpireFox Actor/Artist @Rekkhan talks about coming up on the harsh streets of Chicago, accepting responsibility and and being a role model to young brothas finding their way… that’s the message of REKKQUIEM, his 4th self produced album release available in all digital stores (Itunes, Google Play, Spotify…) For more information […]


#theWIRE | Maddi Madd, Young Guru & Kanye West Part 1

Akron native Maddi Madd best known for HBO series Pimps Up Hoes Down talks about working with Young Guru on his single “Golddigger” only to have it stolen and watch it become one of Kanye’s biggest hits and thrust him into megastardom.