Who is Rekkhan?

Rekkhan, music engineer, producer right hand man for Shine (Xzibit) on the hit television show “Empire” invites us into his real life mancave and debuts his new single “Rise Up”. Single drops September, 14, 2017 #bookmarkit


Producer, Frost Gamble

Not many independent Hip Hop producers can lay claim to recording music with both platinum-sellout ng acts and Grammy nominated artists. Enter Frost Gamble, a self-proclaimed ‘sample head’ Canadian music producer. Frost is well-established in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – but with each new release the American-born transplant […]


Do Not Be Afraid To LOSE & SPEND Money

A common mistake artists make is being afraid to spend money investing in or promoting what they do, denying themselves a huge opportunity for growth and business development. It takes money to make money.