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Producer Frost Gamble talks about going from being homeless and on food stamps to escaping poverty…

“In the early 90s, my life was a mess. Estranged from my family and homeless, I bounced from spot to spot barely getting by. When I applied for and received food stamps it was, honestly, AMAZING. I hadn’t enjoyed 3 square meals a day in what felt like forever… but I knew I didn’t want to stay on that long… it was time to make some changes in how I was living.

I was only in the roll for 3 months, but I made sure to save the last $1 in the book… I told myself that one day I’d be rich enough to frame that food stamp next to a $100 bill (that also shows you how trife and short-sighted I was at the time, but whatever) – I spent the next 10 years grinding like crazy, working multiple jobs while putting myself through University… Nothing at that time was more important to me than escaping poverty – not music or anything else.

Fast forward to 2002 and I was straight, financially. (Hadn’t yet dealt with the stuff I was running from, that came later). And I sure did frame that last food stamp with a $100 bill – it sits in my studio today as a reminder of what 10 years of hard work can do.

For me, all of that was prerequisite to even getting started in the music game – being a starving artist was never an option – I was too sick of actually starving… 🤣🤣🤣 And, thankfully, plenty of lessons were learned along the way.” – Frost Gamble

SIDENOTE When asked if I could share, Frost replied,

“Absolutely. As you taught me… Sharing personal stories is critical to gaining a fanbase!”

I stay smiling.

– Bea

A Look at Frost Gamble & Tone Chop’s ONE debut on Itunes Top 100 Rap Albums Charts

@RT “Shout to everyone who never listened to Bea – just made everything work better for me!”– Frost Gamble

Another amazing milestone in the career of producer Frost Gamble, who along with rapper Tone Chop proved indies could hold their own, as their album ONE surpassed the most generous expectations on Itunes Top 100 Rap Albums Charts bypassing releases by Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and Meek Mill. No features. No mumbling. No BS. PROOF real indie hip hop sells.

Coming up with the right ingredients takes time and patience. When asked what words or advice would he give artists and producers about staying motivated when it feels like nothing is happening,

“Focus on the process, not the outcomes… Having the right plan and working it is what leads you to achieving the goals. And recognize that you will constantly be met with disappointment, so make sure your personal motivation is independent of Industry success.”

Tone Chop on what the album’s success meant to him,

“It meant a lot because its my very first project that was all me no features.Just me on the mic and Frost on the beats.Fans have been asking for this for years.One is just that one M.C. and One producer.Tone Chop & Frost Gamble the past present and future”

“ONE is proof that underground hip hop sells. You don’t have to be mega famous, a commercial name or brand. Real life fans still support real music. A lot of indies sell themselves short by not making the proper investment and relying too much on social media instead of building an organic fan base”, said Bea. “The game is changing. Indies can compete”. But only if they fund it.

Frost Gamble –
Tone Chop –

Rekkhan Drops REKKQUIEM, 3 Music Videos: “Rise Up”, “Play Your Position” and title track Rekkquiem

FOX Empire Actor/Artist Rekkhan does it big on his sophomore album REKKQUIEM, the follow up to 2015’s self produced Rekk City by dropping 3 singles complete with videos

Title track “Rekkquiem”

“Play Your Position”

“Rise Up”

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