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Legendary DJ Mercury with real talk to indie artists about promoting shows…

Legendary DJ Mercury of LA Posse & Main Source dropped this jem for indie artists while promoting DEEP IN THE TRENCHES Underground Hip Hop Explosion on Facebook,

“Regarding throwing musical events, when you are including artist in a huge venue you kind of expect some type of getting the word out or at least minimal promotion for the said event from the performers, am I right? I’m not a babysitter and I’m not a promoter, long story short, some people will promote the shit out of an event until the wheels fall off, & some people obviously don’t give a shit. It cost absolutely nothing but time to self promote. I’m only asking at least Acknowledge that you are performing” – DJ Mercury

Dj Mercury is “a Dj at RAPstation powered by Chuck D of Public Enemy and also the official Dj for Mikey D (of the LA Posse & 90s hiphop group Main Source)”.


Spotify Playlist Highlights Known And Emerging Producers…

Frost Gamble presents… Blazing Beats from the Underground. Producer behind projects featuring Horseshoe Gang, Sadat X, Guilty Simpson, Tahmell (Rakim’s son), ZotheJerk and Tone Chop launches new Spotify playlist highlighting known and emerging producers…

Check it out!

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#IndustrySessions | Director Ethan Lader #TheWire

If you’re not familiar with the name, you’re def familiar with his music videos for some of the biggest names in music including Mariah Carey, Wiz Khalifa, Mary J Blige & Bruno Mars. Ethan Lader talks about his start, the early days of hip hop music videos and creating his own opportunities.

Watch Ethan Lader’s music video reel starting with his latest, Elvana feat. TY Dolla $ign “Off Guard”


Video – One of the first moves of the new year…<br><br>#BentleyRecords releases the official “Lay With U” music video from #Chicago #RnB #Pop Artist Anthony M.<br><br>#believethehype

One of the first moves of the new year…#BentleyRecords releases the official “Lay With U” music video from #Chicago #RnB #Pop Artist Anthony M.#believethehype


International Hip Hop Exchange Seeks U.S. Artist-Educators

Deadline December 15, 2017

Next Level, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State, Meridian International Center, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is seeking American hip hop artist educators to participate in an international exchange program.

Team Thailand – DancerIn collaboration with the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and U.S. Embassies abroad, Next Level partners with youth in underserved communities through workshops, jam sessions, and public performances.

In 2018-2019, Next Level will take teams of hip hop artists to 7 countries to promote musical and cultural exchange, entrepreneurship, and conflict resolution. Each team will spend 2-3 weeks teaching and performing in the host countries. Participants receive an honorarium ($200/day) and per diem; travel and lodging costs are covered through the program.

Click here for more information or to apply


Master Tracks. Instantly.

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Who are you?

Interviews are important. Most Listeners respond more positively to artists they have a connection with, than those they don’t who remain anonymous faces behind the music. We provide a platform to put out your story… we want audiences to connect… to know all the hard work and obstacles artists have to overcome in order to […]


How The Music Industry Works “Learn The Business” (Trust The Process) | @AceHood Interview @Amarudontv

Ace Hood talks about the importance of ‘learning the business’, not just saying it BUT ACTUALLY LEARNING HOW THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WORKS, understanding contract and telling the difference between those really in it for you and those who aren’t.


The Road to GRAMMY Gold: How Does It Work?


The music industry is BUSINESS. No different than your 9 to 5. Being a professional artist isn’t like being in a business, IT IS A BUSINESS.

The music industry is BUSINESS. No different than your 9 to 5. Being a professional artist isn’t like being in a business, IT IS A BUSINESS.

You as an artist are a business. And like with any business it takes money to make money. Where do you work? How does that business make money to pay you? The music industry is no different. No one accuses you of pay for play when you go to work. You perform a service and you expect to get paid for it.

Promoters, djs, producers, radio shows, radio stations, publicists etc… are no different. They provide you with a service. Now the value of that service varies, some change more for less, some charge less for more… at the end of the day results are the determining factor.

Pay for play actually refers to the practice of paying to get on public airwaves aka FM Radio… because it is subsidized by the government, that’s why they’re public airways. It has nothing to do with artists paying everybody else for the services they want. The government ain’t gonna pay it. If you view paying for the things you need to learn, grow and advance to the next level as something you don’t feel you should have to pay for, how can you expect someone else to subsidize what you need?

If you paid for promo that focused on instant gratification rather than results you could build upon then I see how you can feel that way. Most promoters aren’t in this to help you reach your goal, they’re in this to sell you a service and keep it moving. Its on you, the artist whether you settle for that.

As an artist you do have options. 1. You can try to do everything yourself… do you own graphics, throw your own shows, produce your own beats, direct your own videos, etc. I would not recommend that unless you are exceptionally gifted. If you’re not, you’ll come across as low budget, half assed and as a cheap nickel and dimer. Nobody wants to work with that person. 2. You can get your boys to handle certain things. Again, I wouldn’t suggest that unless they’re exceptionally talented, for the same reasons. 3. Work, get an extra job, figure out a way to generate extra revenue to get professionally served or 4. Get an investor who believes in you and is willing to put up the capital you need to advance to the next level.

There’s more to business that just paying people to run with your music, especially in today’s everchanging industry. First, did you make the proper investment? Did you test market any of your releases? Were you able to identify and zero in on your demographic? What about branding and imaging? Do you have a foundation, a platform that you control, keep track of traffic, how you’re doing, where your traffic is coming from or did you reply on exaggerated/limited social media numbers? Are your social media numbers organic? Its hard to build if you’re working with faulty data. Were you focused too much on making money or trying to recoup your investment instead on ROI (Return on Investment)… was what you invested adequate for the what you wanted as the return… And this isn’t limited to money. Did you learn from your mistakes? Build the necessary relationships you need at every level? Make the proper adjustments. Success comes after failure… after working out the kinks. Did you work out the kinks?

There is so much more to today’s industry than creating music, posting on social media, performing in front of other artists and all the other things artists like to do, then expecting to get on That era, if it ever existed is over.

Old school is cool, but the old way is dead.


Kenyatta Griggs “Loyalty Foolishness”

Kenyatta of Hip Hop Motivation talks about the value of investing Loyalty. Music by Frost Da Great For more info as well as booking contact us at

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