What Makes an Album Release an Event?

Some albums are flashes in the pan, some are appointment listening, and some are, well, events. You know the type: records that have more than Twitter patiently waiting, that have the pop culture’s ear at the behest of the artist. These albums spark conversations even before the music is released, …


EarthGang ‘MIRRORLAND’ 1 Listen Album Review

In August 2017, I interviewed Dreamville’s EarthGang at their Atlanta, Georgia home. Our interview took place before they announced their deal with J. Cole’s Dreamville label or the release of their well-received EP trilogy Rags, Robots, and Royalty. Since then, the pair has risen in profile, every …


J. Cole Gave Groove His First-Ever Beat Placement. But the Producer Made His Dream a Reality

“I mean, I’m no stranger to hard work myself. I’m like you, I’m from the hood too. But because I was always willing to sacrifice whatever I had to in order to get what I wanted. See, that’s why brothers got to stick together. You know, pull one another up in a time of need. Sooner than you think …