The Art of Selflessness: From Kendrick Lamar to DAVE

Every morning, I wake up surrounded by people who don’t understand me. People who have contexts so utterly different from mine, I often wonder if the gap is worth bridging. Maybe this is the result of learning a new set of names, starting stunted small talk, remembering to eat, or decoding a public …


Meet Michael Kirby, the Most Tender Singer In East Harlem

Michael Kirby personifies tenderness. The Connecticut-born, East Harlem-based singer lightly patters over our heartstrings with sprigs of blues for good measure. His 2018 album, Spying on Heaven, is a quiet triumph of rhythm and soul. Selections range from simmering love songs to honest …


I Almost Gave Up on Music: Guest Editorial

My name is Derin Falana. I released my first project, Live From Rocky Mountain, in 2016. Since then, I’ve had a lot of incredibly supportive fans patiently waiting for a new body of work. I love what I do, and a lot of work goes into the art that I put out. However, the journey hasn’t been easy. …