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1. You are (or represent) the copyright/trademark holder and have legal authority to solicit us on behalf of the copyright holder.
2. You grant us permission to use your submission, image and any content you make publicly available to promote you and your project.
3. To hold harmeless the unsignedhype.org network, affiliates & 3rd parties from any legal claims or ramifications as a result of your solicitation
4. Both parties will keep any and all conversation, oral or written and any work product confidential.
5. You will compensate the unsignedhype.org Network any damages as a result of your breach of any of these terms
7. You enter into this agreement with reasonable expectations based on where you are in your career, the campaign you selected and the amount you invested in your campaign. You have researched the type of investment it will take to get the results you seek.
8. You understand results take time
9. No refunds. We will make every reasonable attempt to address any and all of your concerns. We cannot undo the work done or compensation paid to 3rd parties on your behalf.
10. Terms & Conditons are subject to change and you can access updates here.