“With over 15 years in the entertainment industry, Tyrell & Latrina have proved to be amazing entertainers. Their ambitions have led them to be a successful duo, let alone established professionals in dance. Tyrell & Latrina’s career is an umbrella of multifaceted talents. In the cut throat industry of Hollywood, the saying goes… “Hollywood will make you or break you!” Well, these two have obviously made it. Their resumes combined have over 300+ credits. They have their hands full and still make room to fit other ambitions. So… Who are they? They are Professional Choreographers & Dancers, Performance & Artistic Producers, Photographers, Inspired Film Directors, Video Editors. Or to keep it simple… Creative Entertainers. You have seen them in music videos, on world tours, dancing with your favorite singer, featured in movies, television shows, commercials, teaching dance workshops and much more. This powerhouse couple has the expertise and professionalism that has led them into a long career thus far.”

Tyrell Latrina Gallery